“Thank you Dr. Lourdes! You called me down at the perfect time. I decided to study by myself for the ACT and PSAE and ended up working myself out and wanting to give up. Now I understand that our Hispanic community is way too caught up in other things that they forget that education is pretty much their only pathway to a better future. You helped me open my eyes and realize that I need to work hard again, not only for myself, but also for the people whom I represent, Hispanics.”

 “I just wanted to tell you how much I enjoyed your presentation at the Tripled Conference about the achievement gaps between African American and Hispanic students and their White and Asian peers. As a member of the ISBE Student Advisory Council, I must say that your remarks brought new insights and renewed our energy to continue our work. Thank you for the many students you help every day!​

 “As I previously stated, you are a resource too valuable to education and the profession to confine your talents to one district. Therefore, I am delighted that you will be sharing your enthusiasm, expertise and creativity with our districts in the DuPage Regional Office of Education and eventually across the State and the Nation. You have so much to offer to education!”

” Lourdes, your massage was very stirring and I greatly respect your ability to connect with the audience through real-life examples. They obviously connected with you as the feedback comments indicate. You were the perfect choice for our concluding keynote! Congratulations!

“This seminar was awesome Lourdes. You are extremely knowledgeable and provided us with information that is totally relevant to what we are doing now in our school. The workshop materials were organized and available. I appreciate your true authority as a presenter.”​

To see a letter of appreciation from Dr. James Briscoe, Superintendent of DeKalb CUSD 428, please click on the following link.
A Letter of Appreciation

 “Dear Dr. Lourdes Ferrer, you probably do not remember me. I am one of the ELL teachers from School District U-46 who you trained to facilitate the NAES program. Well, every year I have worked very hard to improve student performance. I have read and taken many courses to improve my ability to provide my ELL students with a standard-based education, but with little improvement. However, everything changed last year when my school principal sent me to one of your NAES trainings. I was engaged because it promoted improving student achievement by improving parent involvement. The NAES Program helped me realize that increasing parent support was the best way to reach my professional goals. Dr. Ferrer, I am very proud, delighted, and astonished with everything I have accomplished. Your “Tricycle Theory” works! The front wheel is the student and the two rear wheels are the parent and the teacher. Teamwork was the key!

 “Dr. Lourdes succeeds overwhelmingly at conducting an interactive, informative and exciting workshop that leaves you feeling exhausted with knowledge, yet exited to begin promoting positive change. This has been the best workshop that I have attended in my eleven years in education.”

“This presentation will definitely help me to grow in my understanding and respect for African-American and Hispanic students. For sure, from now on, I will pay more attention to where students from diverse backgrounds are coming from. I appreciate Dr. Lourdes’ honesty and sincerity. She personalized the presentation and opened her heart to the audience. This seminar was wonderful! Keep doing it!”

“What got my attention the most in this seminar is Dr. Lourdes’ authenticity and experiences. She was real and down to earth… realistic and open. By the way, I was impressed with her ability to reach out to a variety of learning styles of the audience.”​

What School Administrators Say…


“Dear Dr. Ferrer, you are by far the most engaging, dynamic and educational speaker I have heard in a very long time!”

“Dr. Lourdes, thank you for your inspiration, energy and drive. You have really changed the way I view education.”

“Thank you for being here with us. I am not Latina like you but I have a connection with you. Like you, I am loud, passionate and love what I do. Thank you for shearing with us all you know. Now I also want to be knowledgeable like you.”   

 “Good Morning Dr. Lourdes Ferrer! At the National Dropout Prevention Conference in Myrtle Beach, I attended your morning sessions. Your session at the conference was absolutely amazing!  You have inspired me in so many ways. It is difficult to articulate them all.  Dr. Lourdes, Ferrer, people dream all the time.  Dreams come and go.  Dreams change.  Dreams sometimes seem like…only dreams when you do not know where to start or what to do.  Without direction, dreams fade.  Yet, you have helped me believe and understand that my dream is definitely possible and attainable.  You have given my starting point and I plan to make you proud. The road will be tough but you can do this. Like you say, “Suck it up and get it done! No excuses!”​

Dear Dr. Ferrer,

“I want to confirm with you that the DuPage County Branch NAACP will be recognizing you with distinction by presenting you with the Audley Award of Leadership Excellence.  We will present this award to you at our annual Freedom Fund & Scholarship Gala event on March 9, 2013. We are honored to present this award to you due to your outstanding leadership through voluntary service.  Your leadership has helped the NAACP towards its goal of creating fair opportunities, and for the greater community to advance together. This award was established and named in honor of Mr. Claude Audley in 2006.  Mr. Audley embodied and personified passion, energy, and an unyielding tenacity for fairness.  Due to his adamant persistence for equality and demands for inclusion, African Americans and other minorities are able to live and work in DuPage County and the western suburbs. This is a special year to receive such award as Mr. Audley was laid to rest on February 3, 2013.

Mario L. Lambert II
President of NAACP DuPage County Branch

“Good Morning, Lourdes.  I am the woman who came up to you outside the ballrooms at the IASB conference in Chicago this past weekend.  I am a member of the Township High School District 113 Board of Education and as a board member, recently returned from Glenn Singleton’s Courageous Conversations Summit in San Antonio and Education Trust conference in Washington, D.C.  You are marvelous and I was so inspired by your presentation and the work that you do. I have been speaking about you so much since I listened to your presentation and I mentioned you to Andrea Johnson, our Director of Diversity and Grants. Keep up the good and all important work.”

Member of Township High School District 113 Board of Education​

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