1. Understand and successfully navigate the American culture.  

  2. Comprehend the American Education System and learn the role that they need to play in their  children’s education

  3. Recognize the differences between Bilingual, Sheltered, Dual Language and Regular Education programs.

  4. Understand and use standardized tests’ scores to improve their children’s level of academic proficiency.

  5. Create a home environment that is conducive to their children’s academic success

  6. Improve their English and computer skills to better support their children’s education

  7. Believe in their children’s potential to learn and expect them to achieve academic success.

  8. Establish positive and productive connections with their children’s teachers.

  9. Make reading part of their families’ life style

  10. Make homework completion part of their children’s daily routine.

  11. Build in their children lives the character traits that are conducive to academic success.

  12. Protect their children from bullying, drug abuse, gang affiliation, internet-related dangers and other social illnesses​

Academy for Parents “In the Driver’s Seat” 

The school/district selects, modify or add objectives based on their parents’ needs and resources available to run the program.  This program can be delivered during weeknights from 6:30PM to 8:00PM or Saturdays from 10AM to 3PM.  

The “In the Driver’s Seat” Parent Empowerment Program provides Spanish-speaking parents with the motivation, knowledge and skills they need to successfully navigate the American education system; monitor their children’s academic lives; and, ensure that their children receive the best education the public school system has to offer. Through this academy, parents are better able to: