1. Recognize, understand and know how to overcome their personal life challenges.

  2. Increase their reading, writing and math levels of proficiency.

  3. Complete their daily homework assignments with integrity.

  4. Establish productive connections with people who can provide them with assistance when needed.

  5. Demonstrate the character traits that are conducive to academic and life success.

  6. Believe in their potential to learn and expect themselves to achieve.

  7. Understand and know how to increase their multiple intelligences.

  8. Embrace themselves and pursue physical, emotional and social health.

  9. Establish short and long-term goals and manage their time wisely.

  10. Plan and manage their financial resources wisely.

  11. Understand the purpose, format and administration of the standardized tests they must take.

  12. Use technology to improve their academic achievement and reach their career goals.

Academy for Students “Grooming for Excellence” 

The “Grooming for Excellence” Student Leadership Academy provides 8th to 12th grade students with the motivation, knowledge and the skills they need to successfully complete their post-secondary education; graduate with degrees that are in demand; and, complete their education with the minimum amount of debts.  Through this academy, students are able to:  

The school/district selects, modify or add objectives based on their parents’ needs and resources available to run the program.  This program can be delivered during weeknights from 6:30PM to 8:00PM or Saturdays from 10AM to 3PM.